• TTAA monitors legislative issues and activities that directly affect the tire industry in Texas. TTAA provides information to the legislature, testifies before committees, evaluates proposed legislation and generally is the "watchdog" in the Texas Legislature on behalf of the tire dealers in our state. In addition, we monitor the regulatory agencies promulgating rules that affect the way we do business.

Member Communications

  • Receive email alerts and briefs with timely information and resources to keep you up to date. Stay in the network on tire & automotive industry trends, business advisories & new technologies. Watch your inbox for your weekly TTAA TODAY!


  • The TTAA has identified specific companies that provide valuable services at reduced rates to our members. Services and products include:
  • TTAA Mentors Council - Endorsed Insurance Provider - Uniform Services - Credit Card Processing - Labor & Business Law Consultation

Industry Calendar & Membership Directory

  • TTAA annually publishes a directory of our membership along with a calendar of industry events. This "WHO'S WHO" of the tire dealers in Texas is a great resource for identifying those individuals and businesses related to the tire industry.

Educational Seminars

  • TTAA is committed to providing educational opportunities to our members through workshops and seminars conducted during the Convention and at other times around the state.

Scholarship Fund

  • TTAA encourages education with the presentation of scholarships to students of TTAA members and their employees. The scholarships are awarded annually to college students from applications submitted to the Board of Directors.

Awards and Recognitions

  • TTAA formally recognizes companies and individuals for their efforts on behalf of the tire industry in Texas. The recipients are recognized in ceremonies during the Annual Convention.